Welcome to Sonatek!

Sonatek Software LLC is an Independent Software Vendor located in Westville, Indiana, that targets the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 platform. Our passion dictates our daily lives in the mobile market. We create applications to entertain and educate by utilizing platforms that fit our customer’s needs. As we grow an abundant social atmosphere, our goal is to stay actively engaged in our user’s experience via our blog and social networking. Since the launch of the Windows Phone, we have released two applications that include: a percentage calculator for factoring pesky discounts Percent Calc; and an educational memory game for kids all ages Memory Match. As we develop ourselves in the overflowing mobile ecosystem, we will persevere to bring only the best products to our customers.

Memory Match

Memory Match offers visual learning tools for kids with animals and numbers. Kids aged 1 - 100 will especially enjoy match cards that feature wild animals and farm animals. 

Percent Calc

Percents, how do they work? The world may never know, but you can now with Percent Calc. Figure discounts and percentages on the fly with Percent Calc. Don't let the world stare you down while you look at the 30% off sign in wonder.